Business gifts

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You will probably agree that there cannot be enough attention and care. Business gifts – splendid way to show that you care or to remind the clients and business partners about yourself.

If you are searching for original business gifts and non-ordinary typography solutions, allow us – experienced masters of advertisement – to take care of everything.

Advantages of business gifts

  • Bigger visibility – exceptional business gifts with the logo of your company attract attention and increase awareness.
  • Possibility to distinguish yourself – individually selected and designed gift helps distinguishing yourself and incites choosing only you.
  • Non-standard advertisement – this may become another medium for non-intrusive, but tasteful and targeted advertisement.
  • Positive image creation – gifts chosen in a targeted fashion contribute to the formation of positive image of the company, thus, create long-term returns for you.


We are the professionals of our own sphere; thus, we will help selecting the business gift, which reflects your and your company’s values and the needs of the addressee the most. We can choose manly and womanly gifts suitable for various budgets. We create business gifts designs from standard and non-traditional elements, by using very good quality materials – wood, glass, plastic, paper, metal and more. We can take care of edible gifts.

For each gift we create an original packaging design, plan it and forward it. We complement gifts of various types, make exceptional kits from a couple of items of different purpose.

All of creative decisions are born from long-years of experience, non-standard design and modern digital technologies.

Types of gifts

We specialize in exceptional gifts. Innovative, well thought out, original and luxury gifts – great way to bring a smile to the face of the most important clients and business partners:

  • Watches
  • Books
  • Paintings
  • Textile
  • Works of art
  • Souvenirs
  • Prizes
  • Various sports, festivities awards

Many especially value edible gifts. This is very relevant during the holiday period:

  • Confectionery
  • Drinks
  • Spices
  • Various delicatessens

Even though our main niche is personalized gifts, we help choosing business gifts for various events. The most popular ones – practical useful office gifts with branding elements: stationary means, cups, calendars, notebooks, pins etc.

We very well understand that good quality gift must not only be nifty, but purposeful, thought-out and creating emotional connection as well. Because of this, we thoroughly delve in to the manufacturing process and ensure impeccable quality, thought out design and technical solutions for our clients.

Find it out for yourself!