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Volumetric letters – effective advertisement mean, justly held as the global outdoor and indoor advertisement classic. Expressive and bold message attracts attention, highlights the provided service, helps memorize the trade-mark and choose only you.


Volumetric advertisement along with its advantages brings joy:

  • Application – volumetric advertisement can be ideally applied for indoors, as well as outdoors: volumetric letters manufactured by us will be sturdy and resistant against temperature fluctuations and other environmental factors.
  • Distinctiveness – custom made volumetric letters give individuality, distinctiveness and allow effectively highlighting the trade-mark.
  • Price – economical advertisement solution allowing to marginally widen the client sphere.
  • Versatility – volumetric letters are very widely applied advertisement method. They are suitable for shopping centers and luxury goods boutiques.
  • Wide selection – we offer a very wide selection of materials, forms and design, which is why, you will find an advertisement option suitable for you.
  • Speed – we manufacture and supply illuminated and non-illuminated volumetric letters within a short amount of time.


Almost unlimited possibilities of technology and professional team of designers allow turning to reality even the most ambitious thoughts of clients.

Professional, technological design solutions make volumetric advertisement persuasive and effective. Volumetric advertisement may be illuminated: impeccably made illuminated letters will attract attention during day and night.


One of the essential criteria of volumetric advertisement – aesthetics and longevity. Material quality is very important in this case. We offer our clients a wide selection of materials. We manufacture volumetric letters from aluminum, plexiglass, glass, wood, stainless steel, plastic, styrodur and concrete.

We select all of the materials in a precise fashion, subtly adjust them to the facade, which is why, you can be sure that the new volumetric advertisement will be harmoniously adjusted and will help distinguishing yourselves even further.

Ways of illumination

Even though volumetric advertisement may be without illumination, illuminated letters are even more effective solution.

If you choose illuminated volumetric advertisement, we will mount good quality LED illumination, which will not only attract attention, but will also be economic.

We offer different ways for illuminating volumetric letters:

  • Outdoor illumination (spotlights or other luminaries are regulating the light flux) is one of the most popular solutions: light flux is diverted to volumetric letters and illuminates them together with the facade.
  • Aureole illumination – letters are illuminated from the back, giving an attractive aureole effect.
  • Mounted illumination – if volumetric letters are manufactured from light-permeable materials, we can mount various spectrum and power LED installation.

We offer varied illumination colors. We ensure even distribution of light, longevity, low energy costs and maximum visibility of the signboard. Illumination may be programmable in order to perfectly reflect your needs.

It does not matter how complex the project, we will find individual solution fulfilling all of your expectations. We will take care of all the process: from idea to its thorough implementation.

Volumetric letters – practical choice for your advertisement. Find it out for yourself!