Manufacture of light boxes – economic and time-tested advertisement signboard solution for your interior or exterior. It is one of the most popular means of outdoor advertisement. Internally illuminated signboard is a splendid and contrasting mean of advertisement inciting the consumer to choose you.


It may very well be that the light box is the necessary choice for your business!


Light boxes distinguish themselves not only through advantages

  • Economy – modern light boxes do not demand large financial investments: they distinguish themselves with inexpensive materials and expeditious manufacturing.
  • Long-term choice – LED diodes used for illuminating the light boxes do not only splendidly function and attract attention, but also save energy and distinguish themselves with their longevity.
  • Distinctiveness – light boxes manufactured by us are original, perfectly reflect the exceptional qualities of the trade-mark, good or service, which is why, the future advertisement will be very effective.
  • Resistance – light boxes are manufactured from reliable, but easily exploitable materials, resistant against various environmental factors, which is why, they are splendid to use in indoors and outdoors conditions.
  • Wide selection – we offer light boxes conforming to everyone’s taste: especially wide selection of materials, forms and design.

Our priority – satisfied client. We carefully listen to your wishes and ensure technical and design solutions, which reflect your distinctive needs.


Light box will only be effective, if it will serve you for a long time and look as aesthetic as possible. Which is why, we pay exceptional attention to the manufacture of signboards. During manufacture, we use innovative digital technologies and adhere to especially high standards, which is why, the product conforms to all of your expectations.


We manufacture various forms, couple of volume light boxes for everyone’s taste:

  • With encrusted letters
  • With UV or photo print and other elements of heavier design
  • May be two-sided console mountable with decorative metal or wood elements
  • We manufacture large tent light boxes
  • If there is a need, it is possible to combine volumetric advertisement and light box


We complete all of the manufacture works of the light box thoroughly and timely!



We believe that successful advertisement cannot be separated from its precise preparation. For this reason, we manufacture the light box only from the highest quality materials resistant to weather conditions, temperature impact and other environmental factors:

  • Plastic (PVC) plates
  • Aluminum structures
  • Metal frames
  • Plexiglass

We use LED diodes for all of light boxes. It is innovative, effective and economical solution. Aureole illumination (when the back is lighted) is possible in order for the signboard to look even more distinctive!

We are a team of coherent and experienced specialists. We will make sure that the manufacture of light boxes would go without a hitch and your advertisement would distinguish itself with originality, sturdiness, subtle design and would not leave anyone indifferent.

Find it out for yourself!