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Showcase design – splendid way to effectively use up spaces and surfaces of commercial premises, bureaus, offices or other buildings: windows, doors, partitions. You will be able to increase awareness and create attractive image of the company.

It may very well be that exceptional advertisement is what your business needs!

Showcase designs have numerous advantages:

  • Visibility – subtly decorated showcases help distinguishing yourself and increase awareness.
  • Completeness – showcase design give the object its completeness.
  • Attractiveness – we design showcases in a very aesthetic fashion; thus, you will be able to attract a larger flow of clients.
  • Resistance – we offer showcase design methods, which are resistant against environmental effect and are ideally suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions.
  • Sturdiness – we implement creative solutions not only attractively, but in good quality as well, which is why, we ensure a long-term result.
  • Versatility – we do not lack creative experience and ideas, which is why, we are capable of preparing impeccable design for everyone’s taste.


Wide possibilities for effective advertisement. For advertisement design we use these technological solutions:

  • Advertisement film
  • Latex photo-print
  • “Frost” film
  • Perforated film
  • Plotter writing
  • Stickers glued from the inside
  • Two-sided stickers

The design method choice depends on various aspects: environmental conditions (whether the showcase will be outside or inside), design solutions and your taste. The graphics of outside showcases we usually glue up with advertisement film or high-quality Latex photo-print. In order to maintain permeability of light or visibility, it is best to use perforated or “frost” film.

We can create an exceptional graphical image by using various technologies and film combinations. We use “frost” print or transparent films on internal partitions, as well as, photo-wallpapers as very aesthetic elements of interior.


Our goal is to create original showcase design solutions and fully implement your wishes. We participate in all of the creative and manufacturing process, which is why, all of the works are performed impeccably. Design means like stickers, films or photo-print are manufactured by using modern digital technologies. We glue the stickers on the glass, glass partitions, doors, windows, showcases, walls inside and outside of premises.

Does not matter what design method you choose, we guarantee that the works will be completed in good quality, showcases will look exceptionally representative and will increase the interest of buyers.

Showcase design may become a splendid advertisement space for your company or trade-mark. It is worth to entrust this creative work to us – we are market leaders with many years of experience. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with the result.

Find it out for yourself!