Advertising tents

Advertisement tents – posters of various size resistant against any environmental impact. Tents are considered to be one of the most reliable ways for conveying information and are splendid for advertisements or informative announcements.

Tents distinguish themselves not only through advantages:

  • Effectiveness – the size of tents attract attention and are mounted in easy to notice places, which is why, it is a splendid mean of advertisement attracting the attention of current or future clients.
  • Economy choice – when compared to other types of advertisement, tents distinguish themselves with low price.
  • Mobility – tents manufactured from PVC are easy to mount, light and easy to transport.
  • Sturdiness – we manufacture tents from quality and durable materials, cloth, which is moisture resistant and does not fade, which is why, the tents are very resistant against any weather conditions and do not lose their sturdiness and aesthetic as time goes by.
  • Versatility – due to their unique qualities, tents are ideally suitable for various needs within indoors and outdoors conditions.

Tents are used:

  • For outdoor advertisement (at the sides of the road, on facades of buildings and other)
  • For indoor advertisement
  • For temporary covering of facades of buildings and showcases
  • For announcement about discounts
  • For the opening of various objects
  • During sport and various festive events
  • At marketplaces and fairs


We can offer advertisement tents for various environmental conditions and for all consumer needs. We have regard to the location of the future tent, target audience and message being sent, thus, we always provide thorough stylistic solutions, bold design ideas and modern LED illumination solutions. You will find what to choose!

We carefully coordinate all of the ideas with customers and fully implement the creative visions of our clients.


Our team participates in all of the tent manufacture process. We ensure high quality standards, design and edit the future tents by using innovative and modern software.

We prepare the tents for final use: melt and weld all of the elements, make sure that tents be of good quality, aesthetic, suitable for safe and long-term exploitation.

Originally prepared advertisement tents are especially effective mean of visual communication. Leave the responsible manufacturing work to RDS1 advertisement professionals – with our help, you will not only be able to inform about goods or services, but also convey the image, ideas of the company and attract new consumers.

Find it out for yourself!