Stands – one of the oldest means of external advertisement and a splendid way to announce yourself to current or future consumers. This is advertisement of various sizes, forms and purposes, which is why, it is exceptionally suitable for different needs.

It may very well be that advertisement stands are the necessary choice for your business!

Stands has couple of advantages:

  • Mobility – stands are a really comfortable means of advertisement, because they are very easy to transport, mount and dismount.
  • Resistance – stands made from quality materials are suitable for use in various conditions, are resistant against temperature impact or moisture.
  • Versatility – stand advertisement is attributed to variety of events: exhibitions, presentations, fairs, conferences etc.
  • Distinctiveness – advertisement stands manufactured by us charm with their originality and exceptional stylistic. We will make sure that the stand would reflect your message and the advertisement be as effective as possible.
  • Wide selection – we not only sell, but design the stands. We guarantee a wide supply of materials, design and forms; you will find what you are looking for!

Our priority – satisfied client. We carefully listen to your wishes and ensure technical and design solutions, which reflect your distinctive needs.

Mobile stands for everyone’s taste


You do not know which stand to choose? You need not worry: we will have regard to your wishes and help choose the stand conforming to all of your needs.

When searching for the best solution, we apply these recommendations:

  • For conferences and presentations, we build small and nifty supports-arrows.
  • For fairs and marketplaces, we offer bigger and easy-to-transport two-sided stands.
  • In larger area lots, we mount large stands with metal frames. Such stands may be casted in concrete, have couple of advertisement planes and illumination.


One of the most important guarantees for good advertisement is quality, which is why, for our clients, we offer the manufacture of reliable and aesthetic advertisement stands.

We use these materials:

  • Aluminum composite plates
  • PVC plastic
  • Tin
  • Wood
  • Tent fabric
  • And more

The stands are manufactured by using modern technologies, which is why, the products are resistant to environment influences, sturdy and long-term. We complete all of the works thoroughly and fast!

Upon need, we may also rent the stands out for your desired duration.

We are professionals with long years of experience and perfect knowledge of advertisement market, as well as, the needs of modern people. We will make sure that your advertisement would stand-out, attract attention and incite the consumer to choose you.

Find it out for yourself!