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Advertisement on vehicles is one of the most mobile ways for conveying information. This advertisement strategy allows introducing your goods or services to a very wide public and helps expanding the field of clients.

Modern world is mobile and ever changing. Be noticeable in the whirlpool of events: you can never know when and how you will meet your new client or future partner. It may very well be that advertisement on the car is what your business needs!



Advertisement on the car has couple of advantages:

  • Mobility – no stand, display panel or volumetric letters provide such freedom of movement. Due to the advertisement on the car, you will be noticed in various places in the city and in unexpected areas.
  • Distinctiveness – we create individual solutions of car advertisement reflecting the distinctiveness of services being provided or trade-mark, which is why, the advertisement will have maximum effect.
  • Price – advertisement on vehicle is marginally cheaper solution than other methods for disseminating it. It is a splendid return on investments and economic mean for popularizing your activity and informing the consumers.
  • Wide selection – we offer a very wide selection of materials, forms and design suitable for vehicles of various sizes, which is why, you will find an advertisement option suitable for you.

We believe that most important is a satisfied client, which is why, we hear out all of your wishes and prepare advertisement solutions adhering to your needs.


Wide technical capabilities and unlimited imagination of our team will allow turning your most ambitious thoughts to your expectations exceeding reality.

We will take care of you from beginning to end – we ensure all of the necessary services: we do not only glue stickers on vehicles, but can also design and manufacture them. You do not have a specific design vision? No worries! Without any fear you can entrust all of this to our team.

We will carefully coordinate with you the visualization of the advertisement – design, color, shape and materials. Usually, we subtly adjust the colors to the logo of the company or trade-mark, but we can offer all-color pallet. We pay as much attention to the content of future advertisement – we prepare a short and attractive message, with the help of which the consumers will choose you.


We complete all of the works thoroughly and timely!



We believe that successful advertisement cannot be separated from its precise preparation. Which is why we use materials of highest quality for manufacture.

  • Automobile film and laminate – suitable for minimal logo, slogan, graphical image with photo print or complex typography of large vehicles. It especially protects the car when washing it.
  • Perforated, magnetic or holographic film – splendid solution for those wanting to achieve even more interesting effects. By the help of these unique materials, your car will be distinctive and attract attention.
  • Printing on film – stickers with chosen texts, logos or other illustrations perfectly hold on to the surface of the car in any weather conditions.

We are professionals with many years of experience, which is why, we will help to create original and quality advertisement conforming to all of the requirements and oriented towards your trade-mark, and not leaving anyone indifferent.

Advertisement on the car – exceptional choice for your business. Find it out for yourself!