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Pylons – innovative luminous information towers, usually mounted near companies, commerce or business centers, as well as, on various buildings. It is a practical and attractive solution allowing to representatively introduce your company or trade-mark and increase awareness.

It may very well be that pylons are the necessary choice for your business!

Pylons are valued due to their many advantages:

  • Visibility – quality illumination system makes the pylon visible from afar. This is relevant for all companies, especially for those, which are established further from the main roads or traffic flow.
  • Resistance – pylons manufactured from quality materials are ideally suitable for use in outdoor conditions. Neither moisture, nor temperature fluctuations are a challenge for pylons manufactured by us!
  • Versatility – pylons help sending various genre messages to consumers. Not only advertisement, but other important information can be visible in pylons: exchange rates, prices of goods, information about services being provided etc.
  • Distinctiveness – we create exceptional pylon design solutions, which you will not find anywhere else!
  • Wide selection – pylons distinguish themselves by their variety. We closely follow the tendencies of advertisements and are able to offer our client pylons of various volume, sizes, design, color illumination and other solutions.


Are you dreaming about larger awareness, but don’t know where to start?

We are the masters of pylon manufacture and ensure impeccably precise manufacturing process from beginning to end: we create design ourselves, design the future pylon, thoroughly weld its structures, mount illumination and encase in concrete.

We ensure wide selection possibilities for our clients, smart design solutions and fulfillment of expectations. The pylons are manufactured by using modern digital technologies, by adhering to exceptionally high-quality standards, which is why, the final result is always long-term, aesthetic, durable and joyful.


Quality – one of largest priority of ours. Only in good quality made advertisement will serve you for a long time, look aesthetic and attract more consumers. In this context, pylons are no exception.

We manufacture illuminated and non-illuminated pylons. If there is a need, pylons may be complemented with display panels or volumetric letters.

We use these materials:

  • Steel profiles
  • Aluminum profiles
  • Plastic
  • Composite plates
  • Tin (galvanized)


For numerous years we have been successfully operating in the world of advertisement. We are professionals, who splendidly understand the needs of our clients and consumers. We guarantee that advertisement will increase awareness about your company and manufacturing works will be performed effectively, in good quality and within a short amount of time.

Find it out for yourself!