Manufacture of Calendars

Those thinking that calendars are a relic of the past are mistaken. Individually and distinctively formatted calendars become an attractive gift for business partners, loved ones or a useful purchase for yourself. Our team will offer an exceptional design and transform a boring work calendar in to a real product of art!

Calendars prepared by RDS1 team do not disappoint:

  • Uniqueness – we offer creative solutions, which you will not find anywhere else
  • Ideal solution for those, who value classic – it is a splendid gift for those, who value an authentic rustling of paper and still mark important thoughts and notes by hand
  • Versatility – we perfectly grasp the needs of clients and in each case offer solution, which is pleasing to you
  • Appeal – we design calendars, which look finished and aesthetic, help create successful and appealing image
  • Impeccable quality – calendars that we create bring joy with their sturdiness and high quality


We can offer our clients calendars of very different types and dimensions.

  • Work calendars – will help plan activities and projects, you will be able to mark your thoughts and observations on them.
  • Table calendars – appealing and sturdy, they will splendidly augment your worktop.
  • Suspended calendars – spiral-type and sturdy calendars, perfect for hanging on the wall.
  • Other calendars – we perform non-standard creative projects and thoroughly fulfill your unique vision.

All calendars may be classic or custom made in accordance to your individual wishes: contain illustrations, photographs, sentences, quotes or information relevant to you. We can provide typography by using your company’s or your partner’s logo.

We offer various formats: A4, A5, A6 and more.


Our priority is durability, which is why we guarantee that the calendar will serve you for the intended time. In the manufacture of calendars, we use high quality manufacture materials, paper, textile, leather and plastic.

In the manufacture process, our team participates from beginning to the end: we create an initial model, confirm it with the customer and by using modern digital technologies prepare high quality products.

Plan each day with inspiration! For us, the manufacture of calendars is not ordinary work, but process of art. Share your wants and visions, and leave the rest of the hard work to RDS1 team – here, calendars of exceptional design are created.

Find it out for yourself!