Trade show displays

Exhibition stands – advertisement-information solution used for various types of exhibitions and other public events. Exhibitions in the stands represent the services provided or goods supplied by the company or organization, as well as, values and ideas.

We custom make each stand. Modern and original exposition in the exhibition help distinguishing from the rest, gives appeal to the company and advantage over competitors.

Exhibition stands manufactured by us have a couple of advantages:

  • Appeal – exceptionally designed exhibition stands create a splendid first impression and help in forming the desired image of company or service.
  • Noticed from afar – our advertisement solutions distinguish themselves with unique design, which is why, they are attractive and incite sales.
  • Mobility – stands take up small space, are light and compact, which is why, it is very convenient to move them from place to place.
  • Time saving solution – smart technical solutions ensure that it would be convenient to change the presented information, the stands are easy to disassemble, assemble and it is easy to transport them.
  • Convenience – the structures of our stands are not complex, which is why, often, during mounting, you do not need additional tools.
  • Long-term benefit – a relatively cheap, but attractive to consumers and profit generating solution, which is why, the stands are really splendid investment.
  • Flexibility – we perfectly grasp your needs and always provide solution suitable to you. We can mount easily assembled supports, as well as, stands having complex structures, various height and scope or special illumination systems.


We offer wide possibilities to the manufacture of advertisement stands. We design, manufacture and install exhibition stands for stationary or traveling local and international exhibitions, fairs, conferences, seminars and other events.

By using and combining various materials, we always select the most suitable solution: paper, carton, kapa plates, glass, various plastics, metal, wood and more.

We manufacture these stands:

  • Small, various purpose product supports
  • Erected stands
  • Suspended stands
  • Advertisement folding photo-walls
  • Roll-up type stands
  • Booklet-type stands

Depending on the type of event, your needs and capabilities, we offer stands of various formats, sizes, colors, as well as, illumination possibilities and style. We perform all of the works within the agreed time, usually – even sooner.


We are a team that loves their work, which is why, we apply very high standards for our products. We enthusiastically involve ourselves in to the process of creation and manufacturing of exhibition stands. This way, we ensure evenness, high quality and make sure that your wishes would be implemented in heap.

We are proud of the projects created by our team: numerous times they won first places at the exhibitions held in “Litexpo” and “Cido” arenas. We were also recognized outside Lithuania: our created stands took first place at “Stepmaster” exhibition in Oslo, while at the international exhibition in Stockholm the “Lietkabelis” stand received a nomination.

We perfectly understand that ingeniously prepared exhibition stands will help creating advantage over competitors. Irrespective of the size or complexity of the project, we will help to distinguish you from others and in accordance to your needs we will offer traditional, as well as, bold and non-standard solutions.

Find it out for yourself!