Individual projects (non-standard advertisement)

Are you searching for unique solution for your advertisement? You do not want to limit your imagination and be above your competitors? We have a solution for you. The solution – individual projects and non-standard advertisement.

When tackling these types of tasks, our team members feel as if fishes in water. For numerous years non-standard projects have been a part of our daily life. It is a perfect medium allowing to disclose the uniqueness of your company or trade-mark. Non-standard advertisement provides a possibility to fulfill dreams of clients, implement even the most difficult needs and wishes of the clients in heap.

Non-standard advertisement designed by us has couple of advantages:

  • Generate profit – global practice shows that non-traditional visual advertisement interests and involves potential consumer the most, and is valued better than traditional forms of advertisement. This means larger financial income for you and your company.
  • Uniqueness – we will create unique and special advertisement solutions, which you will not find anywhere else.
  • Sturdiness – we orient ourselves to long-term quality, which is why, our designed products of advertisement are sturdy and aesthetic.
  • Choice – we believe that nothing is impossible in the world of advertisement. We have resources to implement even the most difficult ideas. You may choose from various sizes, formats and materials.
  • All attention is paid to you – we perfectly know the subtleties of advertisement and the needs of consumers, which is why, we help finding the best solution. We hear, analyze, search for novel ideas and realize them together.


Modern world of advertisement is standard breaking, overstepping usual laws and striving to offer something special to consumers. We know that only the best distinguishes themselves in competitive advertisement market, which is why, we give unlimited possibilities for your non-standard advertisement.

We non-traditionally design these products:

  • Volumetric letters
  • Light-boxes
  • Signboards, stands
  • Pylons
  • Flags
  • Exhibition stands
  • Showcase design
  • Advertisement tents
  • Interior compositions
  • Branding (attributes representing the company or trade-mark)

By designing and creating non-standard advertisement, we use various construction materials – glass, wood, textile and metal structures. We apply various economic and aesthetic LED illumination ideas, 3D visualizations, various decoys and other attractive visual solutions.


Quality – one of the most important criteria for successful advertisement. We participate in not only creative, but also manufacture process, which is why, we ensure the quality of materials used and works performed.

Non-standard advertisement and the creation of it – difficult and subtle process. Only a thin line separates quality from kitsch and acknowledgment from failure, which is why, you should entrust the performance of this task to the experienced RDS1 masters of advertisement.

Find it out for yourself!