Brand style

Branding – an important visual communication method aiding all the companies, firms and organizations via graphical and design means to create recognizability.

When creating a trade-mark brand, we always strive to disclose the vision, values and philosophy of your company.

Importance of branding:

  • Choice from the first glance – creates a positive first impression for future consumers.
  • Helps recognizing you – branding gives oneness and increases your recognizability.
  • Communicates with the consumer – it is non-verbal, but one of the essential means of communication, allowing to effectively advertise the company, offered goods and services.
  • Gives appeal – in good quality created branding creates a solid and representative image of the company.
  • Conveys your vision – branding created by experienced masters of advertisements reflects modern tendencies and provide never before seen solutions. All of this can be coordinated with the continuity of traditions and values!

Most common elements of branding:

  • Logo
  • Presentation templates (PPT format)
  • E-Mail signatures
  • Business cards
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Other attributes of the company (apparel, stickers, stationery goods etc.)

Brandbook is important for all companies. It is a compendium of rules, the descriptions wherein ensure the integrity of your company’s visual communication.


We offer wide possibilities and modern design, as well as, technical solutions. In the process of brand creation, a team consisting of professionals from various fields (designers, editors, IT specialists) cooperates, which is why, we create a distinctive, even and memorable image of your company and typography of your attributes.

When creating branding of the company, we always have regard to the chosen marketing tactic, psychology of target audience, company location, competitive environment and other important factors.

The process of creating and shaping of brand:

  • Review of tendencies – a thorough analysis of competitors is performed. Companies performing same or similar activities are reviewed, the style of their communication, image, represented values etc. are analyzed.
  • Self-analysis – exceptional features, values and qualities of your company are distinguished.
  • Shaping – guidelines for future image of the company are shaped, graphical, design elements, color scale and font are coordinated with the client.
  • Creative process – after coordinating our ideas and your wishes, a thorough creation process of branding starts: distinctive, significant and eloquent logo, trade mark design, branding attributes etc. are created.

Branding created in good quality creates additional value and open new possibilities. Trust this assignment to our team. We will create a distinctive company image and help create your trade mark as the first choice of buyers.

Find it out for yourself!